The Prewrath Position

 Obviously, there is much more to the  prewrath position than the discussion below. These four questions,  however, will give you some idea of the location of the prewrath Rapture  in relation to the 70th week of Daniel, the future seven-year period of  end-times prophecy.

1.    "Why is it called 'prewrath'?"

Believers  are not appointed or destined to experience God's end-times wrath (1 Th  1:10, 5:9).  (The Prewrath Chart will show that they are removed or  rescued from the earth by the Rapture before God's wrath is poured  out upon the unrighteous who dwell upon the earth; and not simply  protected from it while on the earth.)  The term used in Scripture for  this period of wrath is the "Day of the Lord (DOL)."  The Rapture occurs  before this time of wrath; therefore, it is prewrath or pre-DOL.

2.    "When does the DOL begin?"

Scripture  is explicit.  There are disturbances in the heavens which occur before  the DOL (Joel 2:31).  Though not a scriptural phrase, many refer to this  event as "cosmic disturbances (CD)."   The natural lights of the  universe are "turned off."  This defining event occurs in Mt 24:29 and  in the sixth seal of Rev 6:12-17.  Find the location of the CD and the  Rapture/DOL follow.

3.    "What is the location of the cosmic disturbances in relation to the 70th week?"

Comparing the events of Mt 24 with the events of Rev 6-8, one finds the following sequence of events:

    a.    Great Tribulation days begin at the mid-point of the 70th week (Mt 24:15-21; seal 5 in Rev 6:9-11).

    b.    Great Tribulation days are mercifully cut short by God through the CD (Mt 24:22,29; seal 6 in Rev 6:12-17).

    c.    The darkness of the CD is dispelled by the glorious coming of Christ in the clouds who then raptures His Church (in Mt 24:30-31, His coming and the Rapture are highlighted; in Rev 7:9, the results of the Rapture are highlighted).

NOTE: No one knows the day or hour when the CD, coming of Christ and Rapture occur. 

    d.    With believers now removed, the wrath of God, found in the DOL, falls upon the unrighteous who dwell upon the earth (in Mt 24:37-42, the wrath of God falls upon the unprepared unrighteous just as it did in the days of Noah; in
Rev 8, silence in heaven in v1 anticipates the terrible unleashing of God's wrath which begins with the first trumpet in v7).

4.    "So when does the Rapture occur?"

Scripture  confirms the Rapture's timing at an unknown point within the second  half of the seven-year period—immediately after the Great Tribulation  days are cut short by the cosmic disturbances of seal six and prior to  the start of God’s Day of the Lord wrath in the first trumpet—a PREWRATH  RAPTURE!"

After examining the evidence in The Prewrath Chart,  you can decide whether my journey has been one into confusion or one  towards truth!