THE PREWRATH CHART: In Search of the Rapture!

THE PREWRATH CHART: In Search of the Rapture!

THE PREWRATH CHART: In Search of the Rapture!THE PREWRATH CHART: In Search of the Rapture!THE PREWRATH CHART: In Search of the Rapture!

 "Raised on pretrib, stunned by posttrib, convinced of prewrath!
A journey into confusion or a journey towards truth?" 

 "The outstanding.  You have digested and put together a wealth of  material on eschatology.  I am certain that it is the fruit of years of  study.  I know of nothing from any source that is even close to being  comparable or more exhaustive.  It will be a great help to pastors,  teachers, and students of the Word of God."

--Marv Rosenthal, author of The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church

THE CHART: The  Prewrath Chart, developed over a two-year period, is a 2 ft x 3 ft  color-coded detailed timeline of end-times events and issues surrounding  the future seven-year period known as "Daniel's 70th week."  The  Prewrath Chart showcases the PREWRATH RAPTURE position.

If you have any interest in prophecy,this chart will both fascinate and  challenge you regardless of your view of the timing of the Rapture!!!

THE MANUAL:  Included with the Prewrath Chart is a manual covering the following:    
1.     “I have the chart in front of me.  Where do I begin?” 
2.     "Help me understand the LAYOUT of the Prewrath Chart.” 
3.     “Help me understand the LOGIC of the Prewrath Chart.” 
4.     “Tell me about your personal journey in search of the Rapture.” 
5.     “Can you give me a quick overview of what you believe regarding end-times chronology and issues?”

THE REASON: Convinced that...
1.      the Church will experience the persecution of the Antichrist during the days of the Great Tribulation, and
2.      the Rapture occurs within the second half of the 70th week after those tribulation days end, there is an urgency...

         ---to challenge pastors, teachers, and everyone else in the Church, to examine the Scriptures to determine whether these things are so
         ---to inform believers of the critical need to be spiritually prepared to face a time of persecution unparalleled in human history.

THE DESIGNER:  Allen Hadidian 

  •  M.Div.-Systematic Theology, Talbot Theological Seminary, 1977 
  •  Designer of "The Prewrath Chart: In Search of the Rapture!" 
  •  Author of Discipleship: Helping Other Christians Grow and A Single Thought 
  •  Co-author of Creative Family Times 
  •  Currently, pastor of a church in northern California 

THE DEDICATION:  As  a student of end-times prophecy for close to forty years, it is so easy  to get caught up in the academics of the timing of the Rapture and  forget that prophecy involves real players in real events that will  indeed take place.  There's one group of "players" who have always been  on my heart as I have studied end-times prophecy.  It is to them that  this chart is dedicated (click "Dedication" on link on top of page).

updated:  April, 2020