1.     Over 90 boxes of subject material charted and numbered for easy reference!    
2.     Over 600 scriptural references cited!
3.     Eleven different colors used!
4.     A detailed “Chart Overview” summarizing the chart’s contents!

  • Primary clues leading to the timing of the Rapture are given in logical order. 
  • The   eleven-fold scriptural basis and supporting evidence confirming 1) the   Church's presence WITHIN the 70th week and 2) the prewrath timing of  the  Rapture are listed in the "Chart Overview" and then examined in the   chart.

5.     The color-coded boxes and chart contents include the following:

  • the timeline of the “70 weeks and beyond”
  • the sequence of seven major events from the beginning of the 70th week to eternity
  • the day of Christ’s coming—highlights seven sequential same-day events
  • the “ages” of time
  • the last days
  • the Church and Israel
  • Jesus’ critical interpretive key in Matthew 24--the birth-process metaphor
  • the timing of God’s wrath found in the Day of the Lord
  • eleven lists of end-times events
  • ten questions and answers relating to the Rapture’s timing
  • five dramatic turning points in my search for the Rapture

Please note: The smallest font size on the printed 2 ft x 3 ft chart corresponds to “Arial-8.” 

The chart does NOT come laminated.

1.     A clear, visual, see-it-all-at-once overview of end-times chronology!
 2.     A powerful teaching tool!  Those taught will be able to SEE what  you're teaching; and with each box numbered, they will easily locate  the point you are highlighting!
 3.     An invaluable personal study tool!
 4.     An effective supplement when reading books on the prewrath position!
 5.     A motivational tool to get others excited about end-times prophecy!
 6.     A great gift to give to others (a pastor, Bible college/seminary  student, friend, person you're mentoring, etc.) to challenge their  thinking on end-times prophecy---regardless of the position they hold  on the Rapture's timing!
7.     Encourages people to study the Bible; every point is scripturally-based!
8.     Challenging to students of prophecy at all levels!
9.     You can easily fold it, take it with you, and examine it whenever you have the time!

There is no other Rapture chart like this one!!!

One  of the boxes on the chart begins with the words, "Getting  Started."  I  thought it would be helpful to show you the contents of  that box:

GETTING   STARTED:  1)  DON’T PANIC!  At first glance, this chart looks quite   overwhelming.  With a little effort, a clear and logical pattern will   emerge, making it easily understandable—and worth the time taken!  2)   This chart is not intended to stand-alone.  A manual is available   designed to help ones understanding of it and navigation through it.     3) Though not intended to contain an exhaustive list of end-times  events  or a complete study of all end-times issues, this chart contains  enough  information for it to be used as a teaching tool and also  studied on  its own—for hours and hours!    4)  One effective use of  this chart is  to examine it in conjunction with books that have been  written agreeing  with this chart’s position on the timing of the  Rapture.  Though no two authors will agree on every detail, this chart  provides a visual picture  of and helpful reference point to many of the  major concepts those  authors present

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